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The Project

An Overview

Elegant Living

Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is a tropical paradise that offers elegant living for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With stunning beaches, lush forests, and a vibrant culture, Guanacaste is the perfect destination for those who want to relax and indulge in the finer things in life.


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Building Consciously

Working with a skilled master planner, architect, and biologist is critical to creating sustainable building that minimizes its environmental impact and provides long-term benefits for both the environment and its occupants. They can also create a plan integrating sustainable practices and promoting wildlife conservation - allowing for the community to co-exist with the surrounding wildlife while still enjoying a high quality of life.


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Protected Green Space

Guanavista will have a minimal footprint on our natural surroundings.


Throughout the project, we have connected the community and its amenities via nature trails. There are 7 miles of trails with various spots of interest, including hanging bridges, yoga ranchos, parkour workouts, and trails for mountain biking.


Moreover, we are implementing reforestation strategies, replacing invasive species with species native to the Guanacaste area.


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Proximity To The Beach

Maritime building laws in Costa Rica's national parks are in place to protect the fragile ecosystems and biodiversity of the country's coastal areas. The Maritime Zone Law establishes specific construction and land use guidelines within a designated area along the country's coastline.


In national parks, these efforts are even more stringent to ensure that development does not harm the environment or interfere with the park's conservation efforts. Compliance with these laws is critical to preserve Costa Rica's coastal areas' natural beauty and ecological health for generations to come. With that said, 200 meters is, by law, the closest one can build, and our project borders the 200-meter zone of the Northern Part of Playa Ostional.


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HOA Community

An HOA or homeowners association is crucial when building in a wildlife sensitive area. It ensures that homeowners follow guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment and wildlife, helping to preserve the ecosystem.


Additionally, HOAs are crucial for maintaining community standards and amenities, which will ensure consistent quality of life for all residents while at the same time providing a framework for community involvement. 


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House Renders Description & Individual Lot Climate Analysis

We analyze the climate conditions of Ostional to determine the best bioclimatic strategies for the project to achieve an energy conscious design and environmentally responsive architecture that ensure thermal comfort for the project.


As a pre-design phase, we analyze the site's context, focusing on existing and potential conditions on and around the property. We perform this examination to have a better knowledge of the lot and understand how the different factors co-exist and interact to determine the optimal design parameters for the project.


Analysis types: sun path analysis, wind analysis, hydrology analysis, noise analysis. Read analysis


Incorporating: bioclimatic design, passive ventilation strategy, building orientation strategy, passive shading strategy, climate analysis Learn More

Design planning

Master Design

Our vision

Look & Feel

COLOR & MATERIAL PALETTE guanavista_Mesa de trabajo 1_Mesa de trabajo 1

Color & Material Palette.

Earthy option for kitchen, local wood design with natural Stone counters.
Wood beams and wood elements to contrast the Sand colors.

MASTER BEDROOM guanavista_Mesa de trabajo 1

The option of a wood palete, still mixing natural elements in furniture details to make special each bedroom experience.

Same line of design of earthy materials, but with more amenities & a beautfiful Clay outdoor tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guanavista?

Guanavista is a 76-acre luxury oceanfront community located in Playa Ostional, Costa Rica. We will be creating an eco-conscious community with mixed-use condominium permits that will allow us to create smaller-sized lots preserving more green space. Moreover, we will have an HOA that will provide community guidelines and security for residents. Site attractions such as hiking trails, yoga shalas and a private clubhouse are only a few of the amenities to come.

Why should I invest during pre-sales?

It’s an opportunity to be a part of the community at its beginning stages. Property value will increase over time, which allows for a profitable investment.

How do pre-sales work?

Pre-sales are structured based on permitting and infrastructure milestones. Follow the link below to view the pre-sales milestones.


View Pre-Sales Milestones ⟶

How is my money safe during pre-sales?

The funds received during Pre-Sales will be placed in a trust account.

Why should we invest in Costa Rica?

Not only is your investment safe, it is also one of the best returns available based on the last ten years of economic growth in this particular area. Land titles are issued for all properties and the national registry must reflect clean ownership. Lawyers are used alongside the process making it a seamless, safe and legal process.

Is a realtor needed to purchase property?

A realtor is not needed, however we do have an in-house sales representative that is licensed in Costa Rica.

What’s the cost of property taxes in Costa Rica?

0.25% of the registered land value.

Can I only buy a lot and wait to build?

Yes and No. Buyers will enter a construction agreement with 2 years to start construction once land titles are transferred with a maximum of 3 years for the completion of construction.

When can I start building my home?

Once land titles have been transferred, approximately in November of 2024.

Can I bring in my own architect and builder?

Our in-house architects are LOOP Design Studio, however an external architect is welcome with approval from our design committee. We will have in-house builders to choose from, this to be able to maintain the same quality throughout the community.

Is water available on the property?

Yes, the property has a well that can supply the entire project.

Can I rent out my house?

Yes, through our in-house property management.

Will the project be gated?

All 3 entrances will have security guards, surveillance, and checkpoints.

What type of waste management system will be used?

All homes will be required to install Bionest systems based on the size of the house and the total maximum number of occupants.

What's the projected timeline for the completion of the development?

Our goal for completion is 2028.

Who is involved with the development?

Sphera Sostenible, LOOP Architectural Design, VIDA Masterplanning, Sfera Legal, WQG Engineering, Ernst & Young (EY) and BAC Credomatic. 

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