Doug, Graham and Jon, the founders of Guanavista, are lifelong friends from eastern North Carolina. From a young age they’ve connected through their passion for surfing. Costa Rica has become their home, after decades spent in the Guanacaste area. Today they’ve come together to create a unique community that prioritizes environmental consciousness.

Meet Our PASSIONATE team

the Team

We are a passionate, like-minded team driven to create a community where environmental consciousness meets the pura vida lifestyle.


Doug brings a diverse background in logistics, sales, and Real Estate Development to the project. His exceptional leadership abilities and expertise in brand building make him an invaluable asset to Guanavista. Not only is he a seasoned professional, but he is also a lifelong surfer and a devoted father to three adventurous little explorers.


Jon lives full-time in Ostional and has a background in Marketing and Sales with strong Public Relations. His love for the area, surf and its people are some of his best qualities. This is also reflected in and out of the project.


Graham has lived in the Nosara/Ostional Area for over 16 years.  Married to a local and has 2 kids. A background in project management, photography and web.  Nature, surf and quality of life are what drive his ambitions in Guanavista.


Sadie’s dual nationality enables her to connect with diverse people. She grew up in Guanacaste and Portland, OR, and later started her own business in San Jose, CR, gaining valuable experience in Costa Rican business and real estate operations.

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