Property in Costa Rica: A Guide to Secure and Serene Ownership

Are you dreaming of owning a property in Costa Rica? Explore worry-free property acquisition with the trusted guidance of Guanavista.

At Guanavista, we understand that buying property in a foreign country can raise questions and concerns, however people just like you have been doing it for decades. We are here to help address your questions and guide you on the recommended path to safely purchase property in beautiful Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s natural beauty, ranging from beautiful beaches to lush rainforests, sets the stage for a fulfilling lifestyle deeply connected to the outdoors.

Guanavista, nestled within this environment, welcomes individuals looking for a tranquil setting. The focus on sustainability and local produce reflects a lifestyle in tune with nature, offering fresh, wholesome food and a sense of belonging.

Costa Rica’s affordability and stable economy make it an appealing choice for those seeking not just a serene lifestyle, but also potential economic opportunities. It’s a place where the beauty of the environment and the simplicity of daily life blend harmoniously. Costa Rica’s natural beauty and Guanavista’s inviting environment cater to those seeking a place to call home, whether as a full-time resident, second homeowner, or investor. 

To ensure your purchase is secure and worry-free, here are 3 things you should consider:

1. Clean Property Title and Utilities

When considering property in Costa Rica, or any country for that matter, ensure that you’re dealing with a clean property title and that essential utilities, like water and electricity, are readily available.

At Guanavista, we’ve got you covered on these fronts. We have had water and electricity on the property for over 20 years, and  Sfera legal is our suggested partner to make sure all land and property titles are legitimate and due diligence is being handled with a fine tooth comb prior to your closing.

2. Corporation or Personal Purchase?

While it’s possible to buy land using your personal information, similar to the United States and other countries, opening a corporation (Sociedad Anonima or Sociedad Limitada) offers benefits like easy management from abroad, and your lawyer can take care of the details for you. Especially as a second home, or second home with rental income.

In the event you want to talk further about a second home with rental income, contact our team to discuss how we plan to use our privately owned five star clubhouse and event center to attract rental income during all seasons. We also look forward to sharing our vision on how the Guanavista masterplan and HOA play into the integrity of our community, ensuring a seamless coexistence through a single point of contact for all your needs.

3. Banking Made Easy

As part of our commitment to facilitating your journey, we’ve partnered with BAC, a top-tier institution, to address your financial needs.  BAC excels in streamlining financial processes for foreign homeowners, extending their support to assist in opening bank accounts and effortlessly managing utility payments and basic maintenance.

Moreover, BAC readily accepts applications from non Costa Rican citizens, offering up to 70% “loan to value” mortgages on international purchases. This incredible opportunity opens doors for those who never imagined owning a slice of paradise was within reach.

Next Steps

At Guanavista, one of our goals is to help simplify the process of buying property in Costa Rica, and your questions are always welcome.

High season is upon us. With latitudes north of us experiencing colder climates, vacationers and investors are on their way. This is the time to get a first look at our property and the surrounding community. We look forward to giving you exclusive access to our masterplan and walking you through the ways a home in Guanavista can benefit you and your family. When it comes to investing in your dream property, choosing Guanavista is choosing peace of mind.

We’re here to ensure that your Costa Rican experience is not only unforgettable but also remarkably smooth.

Pura vida,

The Guanavista Team

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