Turtles Galore: A remarkable Encounter at Playa Ostional

Another home site goes under contract at Guantavista

Our Guanavista homeowners are in for a real treat! There’s a breathtaking natural phenomenon happening right in our own backyard – the arrival of Olive Ridley turtles on Playa Ostional. 

With land title permitting and road infrastructure coming soon, our team projects homesites will become more limited as our community continues to grow.

Last week we witnessed the most significant turtle arrival of the year, a truly spectacular event that had us all in awe of nature’s wonders. We are lucky to have a front-row seat at Guanavista.

As thousands of turtles embark on a remarkable journey to Playa Ostional to nest, olive ridleys are the only sea turtles species to exhibit synchronous mass nesting, also known as the “arribada” or arrival of the turtles. This awe-inspiring event is a testament to nature’s precision and rhythm.

Once the turtles reach the shore, they diligently lay their eggs in nests. These eggs will later hatch, giving rise to the next generation of these incredible creatures. It’s a delicate balance between the nesting season and the birth of new life. Watching the turtles hatch is also an incredible experience. The small turtles bravely fight against all odds as they make their way back to the ocean. They face challenges from various predators, including dogs, vultures, and even humans, in their remarkable journey to survive and thrive.

Our beach temporarily closes during this period to ensure the safety of both the turtles and their precious eggs. This step is crucial in preserving the fragile ecosystem that Playa Ostional provides for these remarkable creatures.

Typically, the turtles grace us with their presence for several days, creating an unmissable spectacle for those who visit Guanavista during this time.

The turtles arrive in waves, and their departure is as organized as their arrival. Their synchronized movements are a testament to their instinctual knowledge of the tides and lunar cycles. To best support the community and the wildlife, we highly recommend getting a local guide to show you the turtles. Local guides possess a deep understanding of these gentle creatures and know how to approach them without causing harm or disturbance, ensuring that your experience is both educational and respectful of the environment.

The presence of sea turtles sustains coastal communities by generating income and jobs through tourism, including guiding and related services. Conservation efforts and sustainable practices, such as turtle egg farming, create employment opportunities while protecting the turtles. Educational programs also raise awareness and provide job prospects in education and research sectors, contributing to the community’s well-being.

Preserving Turtles wildlife through proper infrastructure

Our commitment to conscious building at Guanavista has led us to work alongside local biologists, such as Vanessa Bezy with the Nosara Wildlife Conservation Association. We are actively collaborating to implement strategies such as downward facing lighting as well as warm lighting, to ensure that our presence does not interfere with the natural rhythms of turtle migration and nesting. Together, we aim to harmonize with nature.

If submersing yourself in an environment surrounded by wildlife like the Olive Ridley sea turtles sounds magical and you can imagine yourself enjoying breathtaking sunsets from our community, it sounds like Guanavista is the perfect place for you.

Reach out to contact us to discover more about our project and how you can join the Guanavista community today. 

Warm regards, 

The Guanavista Team

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